Circular Economy is the mutual target of global development. Existing linear value chains will be replaced by such following the philosophy of closed material cycles.

Today polymers are the dominating materials for most application in modern life. Global demand for polymers will double within the next 30 years. With polymer waste littering having reached a critical level already, the producers of virgin plastics as well as OEMs are pushed to provide solutions for closing the loop.

Compounds, additives, colorants and contaminants put the limits to the recycling of polymers. More than 50% of all polymer waste is rejected and incinerated which is no longer an option. This is why for these rejects we have to focus on the regeneration of hydrocarbons as the source for plastics: Polymer waste which cannot directly be recycled has to be converted into multi usable and storable secondary raw materials accepted by the industry to replace fossil feedstock for polymer production.

Links / References
Plastic and Climate Final-Report
Conversio - global plastics 2018
McKinsey - how plastics waste recycling could transform
BCG-report - a circular solution to plastic waste

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